Bridal Makeup Spring Is Here

We are well underway with our spring weddings, and I want to share one of our most popular looks for this spring with you. The nude “no makeup” look is as popular as ever this year, with a hint of spring freshness in the cheeks, as if you have just got back from an early morning run. All dewy blush on the cheeks, a fresh makeup glow, with glossy lips and twinkling eyes. To achieve this look takes a lot more effort that you may think, but you need to remember that “less is more” when it comes to layering the makeup on. Use face powder only where really necessary to prevent skin looking greasy and use foundation only where really necessary. It is not a mask! Dior Nude Skin or Skinflash provide great coverage without looking heavy.

A good primer is essential to even skin and give foundation longevity. I love Shu Uemura UV base, a matt base that manages to highlight without grease so you can apply foundation over the top. Use over eyelids, cheeks and forehead first. If you have great skin and a fair you may only need this product with a bit of concealer. Forget bronzing for this fresh look. You want the blusher to pop against your skin tone and a bronzer will change the look making it look more “beachy” than “fresh” I love Armani Fluid Highlighter used as a blush. It’s a sheer fluid that allows skin to show through leaving a really natural glow. For more of a pop of colour on top, add some Mac cream blush to the apples only and blend well. To bring out eyes, use only a bare stone eyeshadow over the lid and contour with a shade the same tone as your natural shadow around the socket. Warm skin tones will generally have a beige/grey tone naturally in socket and work best with Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Cement. Cooler tones work best with lilac/grey such as Bobbi Brown Heather eyeshadow.

Remember, shadows don’t shine, so keep shimmer to the eyelid only and not the socket.  A slick of eyeliner (we love Maybelline 24 hour gel liner) and a lip colour either the same shade or one shade darker than your own is all you need to finish. Mac lipsticks are great for this, Jubilee is a best seller and suits most but if too dark try Clarins Simply Nude lipstick or the pinker Nude 122 for fair skin tones.

Jo - June 10, 2012 - 6:42 pm

Just finished a make up course with Jo. I think good make-up application in your 30′s can either add or take 5 years from your true age. Jo shows you how to apply makeup to achieve the latter (without making you look like mutton dressed as lamb). She is sensible and direct and an excellent judge of what works best for your lifestyle and complexion. Fantastic and well worth the money to the point that I would have no hesitation recommending it to my friends.

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