Clever Bronzing

Just as we thought summer was here to stay, the sun goes in and we are left with fading tans and peeling (if you didn’t use your SPF 30+ “tut tut”)

This weekend I had a bride who had over done it in the sun last weekend and was left with a mottled chest on show with peeling skin, which detracted from the beautiful dress. It called for a good exfoliation, moisturiser and clever bronzing to bring back an even skin tone and a sun kissed glow.

First up was Dr Hauschka, which has a gentle exfoliant. This removed the dead skin without drying out. Next I used a rich moisturiser in the form of Kiehls Creme -De-Corps. Simply brilliant and it doesn’t have a smell so will not clash with perfume. I then used Shiseido Bronzing Gel which takes 30 mins to develop fully into a gorgeous bronze without any hint of orange, and finished with Nars Laguna Bronzer over the chest and shoulders to give a shimmer and glow to the skin. I also used this as her face bronzer so she matched.



Bridal Makeup Spring Is Here

We are well underway with our spring weddings, and I want to share one of our most popular looks for this spring with you. The nude “no makeup” look is as popular as ever this year, with a hint of spring freshness in the cheeks, as if you have just got back from an early morning run. All dewy blush on the cheeks, a fresh makeup glow, with glossy lips and twinkling eyes. To achieve this look takes a lot more effort that you may think, but you need to remember that “less is more” when it comes to layering the makeup on. Use face powder only where really necessary to prevent skin looking greasy and use foundation only where really necessary. It is not a mask! Dior Nude Skin or Skinflash provide great coverage without looking heavy.

A good primer is essential to even skin and give foundation longevity. I love Shu Uemura UV base, a matt base that manages to highlight without grease so you can apply foundation over the top. Use over eyelids, cheeks and forehead first. If you have great skin and a fair you may only need this product with a bit of concealer. Forget bronzing for this fresh look. You want the blusher to pop against your skin tone and a bronzer will change the look making it look more “beachy” than “fresh” I love Armani Fluid Highlighter used as a blush. It’s a sheer fluid that allows skin to show through leaving a really natural glow. For more of a pop of colour on top, add some Mac cream blush to the apples only and blend well. To bring out eyes, use only a bare stone eyeshadow over the lid and contour with a shade the same tone as your natural shadow around the socket. Warm skin tones will generally have a beige/grey tone naturally in socket and work best with Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Cement. Cooler tones work best with lilac/grey such as Bobbi Brown Heather eyeshadow.

Remember, shadows don’t shine, so keep shimmer to the eyelid only and not the socket.  A slick of eyeliner (we love Maybelline 24 hour gel liner) and a lip colour either the same shade or one shade darker than your own is all you need to finish. Mac lipsticks are great for this, Jubilee is a best seller and suits most but if too dark try Clarins Simply Nude lipstick or the pinker Nude 122 for fair skin tones.

Garnier – Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream Review

There has been much hype about Garnier – Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream. This is not the product for you if you have combination or oily skin, or a yellow/orange undertone to your skin. The cream is great for dry skins, with pink/blue skin tone and would suit a more mature skin as it gives the skin a very shiny finish. Great if you are trying to create the impression of moisture in the skin but would make some skins look oily. The light/fair would not suit a very fair skin ie; Alabaster, Porcelain or Ivory as too dark once dried.

A superior product which is not sold as a BB cream but has a similar result, without the pink ash finish is: Shu Uemura – Stage Performer Instant Glow. Gorgeous pearly glow, the product changes colour once dry to give a light coverage without the chalky finish of a BB cream. This product makes the skin look as though water has been pumped into every pore, with a dewy rather than oily finish. Use with Dior Skin Nude powder foundation on areas that need to be less dewy but want to keep the “glow”.

First day of blog

Blush blog starts, looking forward to many discussions about hair and makeup looks, the latest products out on the market, comparisons of cash/credit products, hair and makeup forecasts and much more!